BBC2 has commissioned a new series of political comedy The Thick of It.

Creator Armando Iannucci confirmed the move on his Twitter feed after the comedy swept the boards at this year’s Broadcasting Press Guild Awards. Details have yet to emerge on which cast members will return but the eight-part series will air next year.

The show, which is produced in-house, picked up three prizes at last Friday’s event, with Peter Capaldi picking up the show’s first acting award.

Iannucci also capped a successful awards run on Sunday, when spin-off movie In the Loop was named best comedy film at the Empire Movie Awards.

This year, the show transferred from BBC4 to BBC2 for an eight-part run, its longest commissioned series to date, and introduced Rebecca Front as MP Nicola Murray.

Accepting the BPG award for best writing, which he shared with co-writers including Tony Roche, Ian Martin and Jesse Armstrong, Iannucci thanked the BBC for “holding its nerve over the series, especially when they have been under a lot of pressure over taste and decency and all sorts of things.”

He then launched into a broadside against the BBC’s critics, notably James Murdoch.

“I love the BBC dearly and would fight for it to the death,” he said. “My only wish is that whenever it is accused of something, even if it’s something it hadn’t done, I wish it wouldn’t go to the first police station and hand itself in.

“Surely at the end of the day with all its skill and expertise and all the talent behind it and loyal following, it could find someone to articulately tell James Murdoch to fuck off.”