Bectu has called off this week’s planned EastEnders strike and claims that it is to resume talks with BBC Studios and Post Production (S&PP) management over expenses and travel time for staff working in Elstree.

Union members at Elstree gave overwhelming support yesterday (17 August) to a proposal to allow talks with management to resume.

Bectu hopes that the talks will reach agreement on “a lump sum payment for staff who lose money due to the change in base from Television Centre to Elstree.”

Three S&PP staff went on strike last Thursday (12 August).

Helen Ryan, Bectu supervisory official, said: “S&PP management have agreed to this proposal and we are therefore suspending all industrial action with immediate effect to enable us to consult our members on the offer.

“For clarity this [the suspension of action] includes the proposed continuous strike action, action short of strike action and the discontinuous strike action.”

A consultative ballot paper will be circulated to members.