Mariupolchanka FC’s equipment was destroyed in war, and it will have to play in Kyiv

The broadcast industry has launched a GoFundMe for the Mariupol women’s football team, Mariupolchanka FC.

The ongoing war in Ukraine has hugely effected the club, with the team forced to shelter in the cellar of its coach as fighting in the city intensified, before finally undertaking a dangerous evacuation. Since then, players have been scattered across Europe, most without boots and kit.

Mariupolchanka FC women's football Ukraine (3)

However, with football league’s restarted in Ukraine, the team is keen to return to the country to take part and show solidarity. In addition, the team founders are planning to open children’s football schools in as many Ukrainian cities as possible, and intend to start a volunteer organisation, which will distribute humanitarian aid to those most impacted by the war. Food is the most urgent need, but also first aid kits, drones, personal care products and toys.

However, first the team needs funding for accomodations, kit, and training and playing equipment. If suitable funds are raised, Mariupolchanka FC will play in Kyiv for the 2022 season., which provides live match graphics for the club, is leading the fundraising effort, which has set an aim of £50,000, and will be donating an unspecified figure. Anyone is welcome to donate, and the GoFundMe can be found here.