Remote production and automated highlights are among the tech advances being considered

ISU skating congress president Jae Youl Kim

The International Skating Union has revealed a new strategy to overhaul its content.

As part of its Vision 2030 initiative, unveiled at its 2024 Congress, the federation is aiming to take a more “fan-centric” approach to its sports, which include figure skating, synchronised skating, and speed skating. This includes launching the Short Track World Series later this year, as well as “upgrading events’ concepts, TV broadcasting presentations and digital engagement channels,” and a suite of modernised TV graphics that will be rolled out across all ISU sports from the 2024/25 campaign.

Speaking to Broadcast Sport, an ISU spokesperson revealed that other tech advancements were under consideration: “We are in constant discussions with our broadcast and production partners on how we can streamline and further improve the presentation of the sport and better engage with a younger audience. For instance, in order to maximize the visibility of our sport, taking cost-efficiencies into consideration, we are exploring remote production capabilities, automated clipping and providing off-tube commentary.”

ISU figure skating

Working with the existing host broadcasters of its members, the ISU will, “provide comprehensive production guidelines and work with the host broadcast production directors in order to ensure consistency throughout the season”. In addition, it has issued an RFP for the creation of more behind-the-scenes content from its competitions.

There are also aims to move to an OTT service, although the ISU will continue to use YouTube for at least the next season. “ISU currently broadcasts competitions on YouTube for territories without a TV deal. The new ISU website will be the home for all ice skating content. It’ll be the go to place for all skating content. So, we are looking at it as phases, with the first phase being using the YouTube for the next season and then looking indeed to move into that OTT space. That will be linked seamlessly through the new website that we’re building.”