Broadcaster and writer Nat Coombs is this week’s guest on the Broadcast Sport Podcast


Broadcaster and writer Nat Coombs joins the Broadcast Sport Podcast to speak about how the NFL has grown in the UK, and what more it can do to continue this expansion.

The Nat Coombs Show podcast

Coombs is currently host of The Nat Coombs Podcast, which speaks about the NFL for an American audience. He has worked in the sport extensively, and has in the past presented Channel 5, Channel 4, and BBC coverage, and currently hosts Talksport’s live coverage and a weekly show. 

In this podcast, he speaks to Broadcast Sport senior reporter Max Miller about how he has experienced the NFL’s growing presence in the UK, how to approach UK fans of the competition, what more could be done to grow the sport in the UK, and more.

You can listen to this episode and all other editions of the Broadcast Sport Podcast, below.