The Jake Dixon Diaries follow Dixon’s attempts to make it to MotoGP

TNT Sports Jake Dixon Diaries MotoGP

TNT Sports will air three-part documentary The Jake Dixon Diaries over 5, 6, 7 March, with all episodes now available on discovery+. 

The documentary, produced in-house, follows British racer Dixon through his 2023 Moto2 season, as he attempts to make it to a seat in MotoGP. It follows Dixon on and off the track as he battles his own inner demons and the challenges of managing his career and home life, whilst facing the demanding pressure and expectations as one of the most talented riders on the grid.

Key moments include winning his first ever Grand Prix, finding out he was going to be a father for the first time and experiencing the birth of his daughter, re-living the emotional turmoil of wife Sarah’s cancer diagnosis, and the aftermath of his race crash at Silverstone and ensuing social media backlash.

You can watch the trailer below.