CBBC is to launch a new website that gives children a chance to anonymously share stories and discuss personal concerns.

What does it do?
Children visiting the site record stories in either audio or typed form and choose a character to narrate them, previewing their creations locally on their PC. Site moderators and editors then choose the best ones and the audio is added to pre-built - but customisable - 3D animated characters that are uploaded to the site.

Visitors can then listen and respond to the characters, offering empathy by clicking on “hug”, “show respect” or “feel the same” buttons.

How does it work?
Bugbears is a Flash-based site that incorporates bespoke audio capture and lip sync technologies that accurately synchronise the child's audio with 3D character animation. The technology was developed in-house using a combination of third-party and BBC software.

There are 28 different -monster designs and multiple colours and patterns that will generate more than 6,000 personalised characters. Created and produced by Adam Khwaja, Bugbears uses the interactive design skills of Magic Lantern and Studio Liddell.

How do I find out more?
Bugbears launches on bbc.co.uk in November.

See examples of the Bugbears below.