Autumn 2020 marked ITN’s 65th anniversary on air. At this pivotal moment in our world and industry’s history, we hosted a ten-week festival of news and content to provoke debate about the future of journalism and TV production. Each week we published features, clips and columns from ITN's on- and off-screen talent, as well as industry figures, that asked what we can learn from our experience and look at the opportunities for the next generation of journalists and content creators. This site is home to the 65 stories we have published to mark our 65 years.

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ITN News

  • ITN reveals winners of My News in 65

  • Serving the public through news

  • Reflections of an ITN Prodigal Son

  • News during Covid: keeping audiences engaged

  • Reassessing the pace of change

  • Keeping Jeremy Vine talking during lockdown

  • Confronting inequality

  • Bringing power to the people

  • Broadcast journalism still matters

ITN News

  • TC REporting from Downing Street

    Bringing power to the people


    C5 News’ chief correspondent Tessa Chapman spotlights the challenge of capturing the everyday under Covid conditions

  • KGM Detering Democ

    Broadcast journalism still matters


    Strong TV journalism is absolutely vital in an age of digital disruption and difficult political discourse, says Krishnan Guru-Murthy

  • Johnny Depp

    Changes in law could shape future news coverage


    Keeping abreast of these changes might just avert a major problem for employers and individuals alike, says ITN’s John Battle

  • John Whittingdale

    A bastion of British broadcasting


    ITN is a shining example of a British television success story and will remain vital to the health of the sector in the future, says John Whittingdale

  • Debi Edward report 1

    Flying to the epicentre


    Scoops: in the last in our series of extracts from ITV News’ collection of 59 specially commissioned essays, Debi Edward describes how she reported a new virus emerging from China

  • Matt Frei Paris Attacks

    The politics of war reporting


    Scoops: from reporting amid a terror attack in Paris to the conflict in East Timor, walking towards the action is now part of a journalist’s role, says Matt Frei

  • Screenshot 2020-11-18 at 11.08.31

    Up close and personal: The challenges of covering Biden’s Victory


    Covid-19 restrictions challenged reporters looking to get under the skin of voters in the US election, but the emotion was plain to see

  • CBI Gallery

    Pandemic production: and we’re live


    Our digital conferences have proven we can reimagine how to deliver news and debate, says Elizabeth Fisher-Robins

  • Anil Douglas at his desk

    A day in the life of a senior edit technician


    Post-production puts together the building blocks from which creative endeavours can bloom, says ITN’s Anil Douglas

  • Paul Brand

    When Paul met the politicians


    Getting Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn to abandon the script and offer a soundbite that turns an interview into a story

  • KC inquest 2

    Kevin Clarke’s inquest: seeing the full picture


    Comment: I would speak out in open court again to highlight how important footage from police body cameras can be to telling the full story, says Steph Davies.

  • Diana's funeral

    ITN News in the ‘90s: The death of Princess Diana


    Nigel Dacre recalls the night reports came in that the People’s Princess had been killed in a car crash in Paris

  • Patrick on c4N

    The power of kindness can enact change


    Channel 4 News allowed me to send my message of anti-racism across the world, says Patrick Hutchinson

  • Images MJ feature

    The blueprint for a digital age


    ITV News director of news Michael Jermey says committing to digitalisation, diversity & safeguarding broadcast values will drive future success

  • Blackburn

    When Clare met the great British public


    Art of the interview: the vox pop is the unrecognised gem, as we can learn more about the world from the public than politicians, says Clare Fallon

  • Robin Elias

    Remembering lost colleagues: Terry Lloyd, Fred Nerac and Hussein Osman


    Comment: Ex-ITV News managing editor Robin Elias recalls the terrible day in Basra, and a moving return trip to Iraq

  • gaby liberating Konduz

    Remembering lost colleagues: Gaby Rado


    Comment: In 2003, Channel 4 News tragically lost distinguished foreign affairs correspondent Gaby Rado, who fell from a hotel roof in Iraq. Alex Thomson remembers his former colleague and friend

  • Charlie Adiya

    A day in the life of an ITV News floor manager


    Behind the Scenes: collaboration and variety keep the job exciting every day, says Charlie Adiya

  • Victoria Macdonald image 3

    Covid-19: the story that impacts us all


    Scoops: reporters usually tell stories through a lens, but coronavirus is personal to everyone, says Victoria Macdonald

  • My News in 65

    ITN extends My News in 65 deadline


    Entrants aged 7-14 required to make a 65-second news clip around the themes of happiness, change and inspiration

  • Lindsey Hilsum doing PTC with Kipsigis warriors, during post election violence in Kenya

    Don’t take democracy for granted


    Comment: Western democracies are fragile and elections must be wary of violence and demagoguery, says Lindsey Hilsum

  • Sadiq Khan from ITV Nl 21 September

    Covering the capital comprehensively


    As Covid generates a scrutiny of regional approaches, ITV News London must provide a detailed local perspective, says Hannah Emerson-Thomas

  • Michael Jermey 2020

    ITV: the evolution of the newsroom


    ITV news and current affairs director Michael Jermey looks back at the pioneering journalism that created a formidable force in broadcast news

  • Unknown

    Forensic filmmaking: reinventing true crime


    The rigorous journalism and care for contributors that underpins true crime programming ensures they really hit the mark, says Nathaniel Lippiett

  • Nigel Dacre Last day of News at Ten 1999

    ITN News in the 90s: a decade of big news and innovation


    Comment: the 1990s was an incredible decade for the news business, but the ITN ‘formula’ for success remains the same, says Nigel Dacre

  • Trump

    Postcard from Florida: Trump’s last-ditch gamble


    Donald Trump’s return to the campaign trail could represent the moment he lost his re-election bid, says Robert Moore

  • Cummings

    When Minnie met Cummings


    Doorstepping Boris Johnson’s advisor after his lockdown trip to Durham required skills I’d learned on the red carpet, says Minnie Stephenson

  • Rachel Younger in Merseyside

    Policing the lockdown


    Rachel Younger recalls the strange novelty of following Merseyside police officers patrolling the streets during the early days of lockdown

  • funeral - mary

    How we handled the Queen Mother’s passing


    Striking the right tone on our coverage of a royal death taught me much about broadcast news I still remember today, says Mary Nightingale

  • Deterring Democracy

    Deterring democracy: making the case for news


    Our scoop on black voter suppression highlights why the need for independent investigative journalism has never been stronger, says Ben de Pear

  • Olly Stroud

    Post-production in lockdown: excitement and challenges


    The cultural changes to our working lives that lockdown brought will remain forever, says Olly Strous

  • Nina 4

    When Nina met Meryl – and Tom and George and Britney


    Art of the interview: Capturing A-listers’ attention requires tenacity, patience and a little bit of cheek, says Nina Nannar

  • EUGENIE_300_106_Alamy_D2AENW_Bea_Eugenie_Berlin_2013

    Developing: a different world


    Behind the scenes: Covid has forced development teams to replace blue-sky thinking with practicality and feasibility, but ambitious projects are beginning to make a comeback

  • RH Report 3

    Uncovering a scandal


    Scoops: ITV News producer Roohi Hasan was determined to understand why Covid-19 had a disproportionate affect on black, Asian and minority ethnic NHS staff

  • Catherine Jones, Health Correspondent 5 News

    Helping women find their voice


    Comment: the global pandemic has given news broadcasters a unique chance to feature more female experts in their coverage, says Catherine Jones of 5 News

  • Ofcom Small Screen Big Debate-set

    Creating a digital events business from scratch


    Behind the scenes: in a week in which ITN is producing Ofcom’s Small Screen: Big Debate virtual conference, Richard Lawson looks into the future of commercial production at the broadcast news operation

  • Chris Shlemon & Jon Snow circa 1986

    My whirlwind first day on the job


    Behind the Scenes: the fallout of the devastating Space Shuttle Challenger explosion forced me to learn fast on my first official assignment for Channel 4 News, says Chris Shlemon

  • Jordan Jarrett Bryan 2

    The power of sports reporting


    Comment: covering sporting events is a privilege but its superstars have the power to do much more good if they approach the media cleverly, writes Jordan Jarrett-Bryan

  • Screenshot 2020-10-01 at 16.03.51

    How ITV News reported the pandemic


    The lengths ITV News has gone to cover the coronavirus pandemic

  • ITV News RK Report Birmingham April 14

    Reporting coronavirus: a day of dying


    In the first excerpt from ITV News’ coronavirus reporting essay collection, Rohit Kachroo recalls shocking scenes during the height of lockdown

  • FotoJet__12_

    In the eye of the political storm


    Comment: live TV debates uniquely challenge our politicians in a way other tests of personality cannot, says Julie Etchingham

  • The Rundown Team

    How The Rundown makes waves among teens


    Future of content: Stephen Hull reveals how ITV News’ digital news feed for teenagers The Rundown hit the bullseye, registering millions of views a month

  • Idi Amin

    When Jon met Idi


    Art of the Interview: Jon Snow recounts the day he found himself in the private jet of a sleeping Idi Amin

  • Aysha Tull-ITN__DSF6241

    Young audiences deserve our time and effort


    Future of Content: we must look to the widest possible variety of sources to attract young viewers for our television news broadcasters, says Ayshah Tull

  • History 101

    Taking cues from ITN’s storied past


    Future of content: ITN Productions has created a distinct personality but has the company DNA running through its veins, says Ian Rumsey

  • Anna Mallett _DSF6373

    ITN’s vital role in these extraordinary times


    Comment: as we turn 65, examining the work we do and upholding the values that define us is crucial, says Anna Mallett

  • Sian_williams

    Resilience is key when working in production


    Comment: 5 News presenter Sian Williams provides advice on dealing with tough times

  • Charlene White

    We are duty-bound to engage young audiences


    ITV News anchor Charlene White talks about her ITV series aimed at explaining racism to young audiences

  • Screenshot 2020-09-22 at 11.54.41

    When Cathy met Max


    The art of the interview: Channel 4 News presenter Cathy Newman recalls a tense encounter with Oswald Mosley’s son Max about a racist pamphlet

  • Jon Snow SRI LANKA

    Epidemics through the decades


    Scoops: report by Jon Snow, Channel 4 News presenter, June 2020

  • 3 ITN Prod World Athletics Doha 2019

    The challenge of covering a major sporting event in post-Covid times


    Future of content: pandemic or no pandemic, standing still is not an option, says ITN Productions’ Alastair Waddington

  • bradby_news_ten

    Tom Bradby: How life has changed at ITN


    Comment: the News at Ten presenter reflects on his career and ponders the future

  • Harry Harvey

    The importance of an ‘And Finally’


    And Finally: News at Ten writer David Stanley reveals the art of selecting the programme’s final news item