Developing: a different world

Behind the scenes: Covid has forced development teams to replace blue-sky thinking with practicality and feasibility, but ambitious projects are beginning to make a comeback

Ofcom Small Screen Big Debate-set

Creating a digital events business from scratch

Behind the scenes: in a week in which ITN is producing Ofcom’s Small Screen: Big Debate virtual conference, Richard Lawson looks into the future of commercial production at the broadcast news operation

Chris Shlemon & Jon Snow circa 1986

My whirlwind first day on the job

Behind the Scenes: the fallout of the devastating Space Shuttle Challenger explosion forced me to learn fast on my first official assignment for Channel 4 News, says Chris Shlemon

Harry Harvey

The importance of an ‘And Finally’

And Finally: News at Ten writer David Stanley reveals the art of selecting the programme’s final news item