Channel 4 documentary series One Born Every Minute ended its eight-part run with 3.1m (12.8%) last night.

The Dragonfly-produced series, filmed using fixed cameras rigged up to a maternity ward, averaged 3.3m (13.2%) across C4 and C4+1 during its run and regularly came second only to BBC1 in the 9pm slot.

Last night, BBC1 again owned the slot, with Richard Hammond’s Invisible Worlds winding up its three-part run with 4m (16.4%), according to overnight figures from Attentional.

Audiences held up over the course of the series, dipping only slightly from its launch figure of 4.3m (17.6%) and averaging 4.2m (17.6%).

On C4, One Born Every Minute attracted just under 2.9m (11.7%) and a further 268,000 tuned in on C4+1.

At 9pm on ITV1, a repeat of Law & Order: UK drew 2.4m (9.7%), while Five served up the latest CSI episode to 2.2m (9%).

Bringing up the rear was BBC2’s two-part drama Blood and Oil, which drew to a close with 2m (8.7%) - a fraction down on the first episode’s 2.3m (9.3%).

Also ending its latest run was ITV1’s Cops with Cameras, which drew 2.9m (11.9%) at 8pm, leaving the series with an average of 2.7m (11.1%).

Meanwhile, Sophie Dahl lost half a million of the viewers who tuned in to the debut of her cookery series, The Delicious Miss Dahl. Last night’s episode served up 1.9m (7.7%).