The Costa Concordia cruise ship accident that has dominated recent headlines will be documented in a fast-turnaround film for Channel 4.

Terror at Sea: The Sinking of the Concordia will be shown on 31 January at 8pm and recreate a minute by minute account of the events that led to the tragedy.

The Dragonfly TV film will use CGI, exclusive testimonial with survivors and rescuers to try to explain why the disaster happened.

The cruise ship with a capacity of 3,780 passengers was seen as an example of modern technology, but hit a sandbar off the Italian island of Giglio Porto on 14 January.

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C4 specialist factual commissioner David Glover ordered the film and said: “The Costa Concordia was 69ft longer and two and a half times heavier than the Titanic.

“One hundred years on it will be interesting to see what has really changed.”

Dragonfly creative director Simon Dickson and head of specialist factual and features Mark Roberts are executive producers.