A second film about the alleged atrocities which took place during the Sri Lankan civil war will be shown on Channel 4 with new evidence.

Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields was produced by ITN productions and shown in June and included some of the most horrific footage ever seen on the channel.

The documentary alleged to show war crimes and crimes against humanity. The film included videos of extra-judicial executions and evidence of sexual violence.

It has been screened at the UN in Geneva and New York and prompted calls from politicians including Prime Minister David Cameron for an investigation.

The film was watched by 810,000 (8.6%) on 14 June from 11.05pm to 12.10pm with a further 44,000 (0.9%) watching on C4+1. It outperformed the slot average of 323,000 (3.6%). Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields: War Crimes Unpunished (working title) will be presented by Jon Snow again and is expected to be shown next year. Director, Callum Macrae, has collected new evidence including contemporaneous documents, eye-witness accounts, photographic still and videos.

Snow said: “We believe it shows more evidence of official complicity in war crimes and we will continue to show what we find to the world. I hope this film captures, shocks and educates in the same way as the first did.”

Head of news and current affairs Dorothy Byrne ordered the film and said: “The horrific revelations in Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields caused concern across the globe and calls for further investigations so we decided to do just that; to continue the journalistic endeavour to find out the full truth about these terrible events.”

Once again, the film will be ungeoblocked on 4oD to be available to international audiences. It has been watched in over 30 countries. Chris Shaw is the executive producer.