Channel 4 is to bring back Secret History, its long-running TV documentary series which aired from 1991 to 2004.

The 6 x 60-minute films, commissioned by Channel 4 factual commissioning editor John Hay while covering Julia Harrington’s maternity leave, will be broadcast from November.

The series will begin with with Tutankhamun: The New Evidence, in which Egyptologist Dr Chris Naunton uncovers clues over the mystery surrounding the Tutankhamun’s mummification. The film is produced by Blink Films.

Produced by Double Band Films, Queen Victoria and the Crippled Kaiser reveals the hidden childhood of Queen Victoria’s grandson, the future Kaiser Wilhelm II. Wilhelm was born with a disability considered shameful at the time, and which he was made to hide throughout his life.

In Finding Babylon’s Hanging Garden, Oxford academic Stephanie Dalley travels to Iraq to gather evidence for a controversial new theory about the The Hanging Garden of Babylon – the only one of the seven wonders of the ancient world for which no archaeological evidence has ever been found. The film was produced by Bedlam Productions.

With exclusive access to pioneering research, New Secrets of the Terracotta Warriors, challenges the traditionally held thesis of how the Terracotta Army was created. It is produced by Lion TV.

Using eyewitness accounts, World War 2’s Most Daring Raid, tells the story of how Germany’s most powerful battleship The Beast was destroyed by the Dambusters squadron. The film was produced by Lion TV.

The Black Death Unmasked, produced by Truth North, takes a look at the devastating pandemic, the Black Death. For the first time, samples of human DNA will be subject to a new scientific test to help find answers to why the Black Death was such a killer.  

Julia Harrington, Channel 4 commissioning editor for history, said: “Secret History will be the home for the best historical scoops, ranging from ancient history to twentieth century stories.”