ITV has been censured for “promoting” computer console games during children’s show Cool Stuff Collective.

Ofcom received two complaints about the magazine show in February and March, which noted that it amounted to an “advert” and seemingly contained “product placement”.

The media regulator agreed that the Cool Stuff Collective, shown on CITV and ITV1, included positive comments about the gaming products’ “attributes, benefits and features” that had a “cumulative promotional effect”.

Ofcom referred to the presenters’ reviews of games, including Nintendo 3DS’s Pilot Wings and Yoostar 2: In the Movies for the Xbox 360 Kinect, as containing no “negative or critical comments… or comparisons between them”.

Furthermore, it said analysis of Chicken Blaster for the Nintendo Wii and Test Drive Unlimited 2 contained “overt encouragements” to purchase the games.

“In our view the cumulative effect of the frequent, detailed and continuously positive comments about the products in the reviews… was promotional,” said Ofcom in its ruling.

“Further, those reviews which included overt encouragements to consider purchasing products…also had a promotional effect.”

In its response, ITV said Cool Stuff Collective contained no product placement, but accepted that some of the products were showcased in a positive light because of the editorial style of the show.

“Given the nature, and in the context of the style of the programme (i.e. wacky and sometimes surreal humour), we do not believe it is a requirement for the programme to include the same degree of critical assessment or comparison that might be expected in a more serious consumer review programme,” the broadcaster told Ofcom.

It added that limited information is given about prices and stockists for the products.