Five has commissioned three one-off documentaries on subjects including the history of comic book hero Batman and the life of porn king Larry Flynt, writes Michael Rosser.
The Batman Story will be made by indie Free@Last to launch a season of movies featuring the caped crusader next year. The 60-minute special will look at Batman from his creation in 1939 through to TV series and movies.It will also include interviews with fans, actors and directors. Barry Ryan will executive produce while Katie Kinnaird will produce and direct.The show is a follow-up to The Spider-Man Story, which Free@Last produced for Five in June last year.Meanwhile, World of Wonder is producing 60-minute documentary Hustler: The Larry Flynt Story, which will explore wheelchair-bound Flynt's life, spanning his early years of poverty through to his creation of the fastest growing men's magazine ever and the tragedies and successes that followed.Adam Perry will executive produce.In addition, Brighter Pictures is producing 50 Ways to Look Great Naked, which will offer 90 minutes of advice from experts on how to look good in the nude. Remy Blumenfeld will executive produce.