Visual effects work carried out by Smoke and Mirrors on a BBC Switch series featuring modern versions of Greek stories.

Effects house: Smoke and Mirrors

Client: RSA Films and BBC Switch

The Brief: to provide online editing, Red camera data management and VFX support on 6 x 5-minute modern interpretations of Greek tales. Myths episodes include The Tale of Icarus, The Story of the Sirens and The Eye of the Cyclops.

How it was done: The films were shot on Red Camera. Smoke & Mirrors worked alongside offline house Final Cut to manage the camera data between Avid, Assimilate Scratch and Flame.

Lead by senior VFX Supervisor Jon Berridge, Smoke & Mirrors used Flame to realise a number of effects and matte paintings across the series. The films were mastered to HDCam SR and graded by Smoke and Mirrors' Colourist Ned Al. Astrabadi. The post producer was Paul Schleicher.

Watch it: On Saturdays on BBC2