A “crowd-sourced entertainment network” is being established that will offer emerging creative talent funding to produce content.

Digital Creators, described by chief operating officer Iris Maor as “YouTube meets The X Factor”, will showcase treatments online before selecting a range of producers, directors and actors to make the content. Maor is a former Yipp Films head of production.

The crew will be chosen by a group of to-be-confirmed industry professionals and visitors, based on the work they upload to the site, who will then hand over an undisclosed budget, “enough to enable proper production”.

The comedy, lifestyle and reality shorts will then be showcased via a website and syndicated to other sites.

The initiative is expected to produce around 12 films in its first year, with the venture being funded by Israeli-based production company Tedy Productions.

“There is such a rich creative force and tradition in the UK but it lacks an online hub for quality content,” said Maor. “There is a huge amount of creative talent that has a lot to offer but not many distribution channels.”