Production company CTVC is using Forbidden Technologies’ web-based review and edit service FORscene to speed-up post-production on four ITV programmes including Flight of Faith.

Live Avid playout feeds are being uploaded into FORscene via the Load SDI interface in order to allow commissioners, compliance and scheduling at ITV to review and give feedback via the internet.

The universal web access is also allowing the production team to make changes even when they’re on the other side of the world.

Martin Long, head of production at CTVC said: “FORscene has provided us with the tools to continue our creative process regardless of the filming or editing location.

“A production for international distribution required changes but the editor was in New Zealand. Using FORscene’s frame accurate tools he was able to fine-cut sequences, and then [in London we] exported Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) files to conform the sequences before completing the on-line editing on Avid.

“We’ve had extremely positive feedback from commissioners at ITV who have used FORscene to review and approve playouts.”

Flight of Faith: The Jesus Story (pictured) airs on ITV1 on 22 November.