E4's Celebrity Hijack edition of Big Brother remained the channel's most popular show over the weekend but couldn't meet the challenge of BBC3's films.

Saturday's main show at 9pm pulled in 481,000 (2.3% of multichannel homes) for an hour, hitting a high of 588,000 (2.3%) in the final 15-minutes.

The high profile reality show was head and shoulders above the channel's slot average for last year of 148,000 (0.8%).

A further 148,000 (0.8%) watched the show an hour later on E4+1.

But the E4 show was no match for BBC3's repeat showing of Kill Bill Vol 2, which averaged a sizeable 615,000 (3.6%) over two hours from 9.30pm. Earlier, the corporation's entertainment channel pulled in 530,000 (2.5%) for its Top Gear Winter Olympics Special. The hour-long show peaked with 733,000 (3.5%).

Between 9pm and 10pm BBC3 gained an average audience of 559,000 (2.7%).

Not too far behind E4's Big Brother was ITV4's showing of the first James Bond film, Dr No. The 1962 film, starring Sean Connery as the British spy, gained 450,000 (2.5%).

More viewers tuned into Big Brother Celebrity Hijack the following day (Sunday 6 January) with 635,000 (2.8%) watching once again at 9pm. The programme gained a peak of 679,000 (2.9%) at 9.15pm.

The show was comfortably ahead of the channel's slot average of 214,000 (1.1%) and a further 77,000 (0.4%) watched the programme on E4+1.

The multichannel spoils though again went to BBC3, with Lara Croft Tomb Raider: the Cradle of Life picking up 757,000 (3.3%) for nearly two hours from 8pm.

ITV2's film, Mission: Impossible, was much further down the field on just 245,000 (1.1%) at 8pm.