“This is like the opposite of Just a Minute.” Critics, comedians and creatives share their views of the TV election night coverage.


Sam Wollaston, The Guardian
“I like ITV’s Tomb Raider style graphic, with avatars of the leaders beating the crap out of each other. But their swingometer substititute - interconnected beakers that fill with different coloured liquids depending on who’s doing well - is too much like a chemistry lesson to be fun.”

Bryony Gordon, The Daily Telegraph
“Jeremy Vine really should have been put out of his misery after that whole cowboy debacle two years ago. Instead, he lurched about in a virtual Downing Street, like Gollum in a Savile Row suit…

“Sky News had inexplicably chosen last night to launch their high definition service, so you could see every crease on Adam Boulton’s giant head, and every bead of sweat on elected MPs as they thanked their wives, their agents. Oscar night for ugly people, it was. With really bad celebrity boat parties.”

Thomas Sutcliffe, The Independent
“If only ITV and the BBC could have formed a coalition, they could have produced their own twisted political version of The Wizard of Oz.”

And from Twitter…

Chris Addison (@mrchrisaddison)
Comedian and actor
“This coverage is like the opposite of Just A Minute: speak for ten hours with deviation, hesitation and massive repetition.”

Jonathan Davenport (@Davers123)
Head of interactive, Hat Trick Productions
“Beginning to realise this election coverage is going to be hours of struggle with a potentially sickening outcome. Kind of like sex.”

Paul Bennun (@benoonbenoon)
Creative director, Somethin’ Else
“Can you imagine what Andrew Neil’s studio smells like?”

Stuart Maconie (@StuartMaconie)
Broadcaster, Radio 2 and 6Music
“Loving that celeb boat party. I’m looking from pig to man, and man to pig and pig to man again; but it’s impossible to say which is which.”

Kenton Allen (@kentonallen)
Joint chief executive, Big Talk Productions
“Tony Parsons and Iannucci. Fight!? Iannucci and Joan Collins. Love?!”

Simon Mayo (@simonmayo)
Presenter, Radio 5 Live
“If there’s another election soon, I hope I’ll be asked to be one of those well oiled celebs on Andrew Neil’s barge. Weren’t they having fun!”

Armando Iannucci (@aiannucci)
Co-creator, The Thick of It
“That was some form of living hell. Off to Sky News studios, where at least they’ll have TVs.”

Kirstie Allsopp (@KirstieMAllsopp)
“Wow, watch ITN. While watching exit polls Alistair Campbell just told OH to fuck off, he is Malcolm Tucker it’s true!”

Lauren Laverne (@laverneshow)
Presenter, Channel 4’s Alternative Election Night
“Can’t we just cut to the chase and make David Dimbleby prime minister?”

Kevin Cecil (@kevcecil)
Comedy writer
“You are watching the last election where the results aren’t shown to an anthemic soft rock soundtrack like Britain’s Got Talent.”

Sue Perkins (@sueperkins)
“I love the way Maitlis called Brighton an ‘alternative’ city. She meant to say ‘well lezzy’”

Mark Steel (@mrmarksteel)
Comedian and presenter of Mark Steel’s In Town (Radio 4)
“The BBC analysis is fucking useless - ‘Our exit poll says 5.5 but it’s 6.9 with a 3 in Durham and a swing of x over v in the second set.’ “

Graham Linehan (@glinner)
Creator, The IT Crowd
“‘Using their Twitters’. Oh, Alistair… It was funny, actually. It was almost as if Alistair Stewart ‘got’ Twitter tonight, in front of our eyes. Bless!

Dave Gorman (@DaveGorman)
Comedian and Absolute Radio DJ
“The BBC have 20 results in, ITV have 30. Are ITV guessing or the BBC being slow?”

Jack Thorne (@jackthorne)
Writer, Skins and Cast-Offs
“Ian Hislop is looking at Edwina Currie on ITV like she’s a dead putrifying cat and he’s a 10-year-old Boy Scout. He’s fascinated & disgusted.”

Mark Watson (@watsoncomedian)
“Dimbleby’s beginning to flag as results continue to not come in. I’ve got a baby. People have to work early. Let’s speed this thing up.”

Krishnan Guru Murthy (@krishgm)
Presenter, Channel 4 News
“Certain broadcasters seem very keen to accept the Conservative narrative on illegitimacy of any Lab/Lib coalition.”

Rebecca Front (@RebeccaFront)
“I think all our lives would be improved by having David Dimbleby on TV all day, every day in perpetuity. That’s the stability we’re craving.”

Dom Joly (@domjoly)
Broadcaster and journalist
“Peter Snow - listening to the output thinking ‘if Jeremy Vine died now maybe they’d call me in…’ “

Andrew Newman (@AndrewWNewman)
Chief creative officer, Objective Productions
“It’s bloody 2.17 in the morning - surely with this many so-called experts and so much analysis we should have more idea what’s going on?”