Avid Technology has made its first Symphony Nitris DX sales in the UK, with Broadcast post house of the year Envy buying two systems.

The order is for Hewlett Packard dual quad core PCs with Symphony finishing software and the new Nitris DX hardware box.

Envy will connect both systems to a 32 terabyte Avid Unity shared storage network and use them for SD and HD finishing work.

Envy chief engineer Daniel Sassen said: “The systems will provide us with a solid workflow from offline to online and the ability to work collaboratively across multiple suites, which is crucial for our type of working environment.”

Each Symphony Nitris DX system is worth£22,000. In total, equipping both rooms cost in the region£220,000.

The Nitris and Mojo DX hardware products were released just before NAB this year and are part of a business refocus for Avid. Prices have been reduced, new products have been launched and the manufacturer is now trying to provide better support, improve user forums and work more closely with its customers.

Avid sales manager, post-production Sean Bradley told Broadcast that the Envy deal was reward for those changes and justification for spending more time testing the new product line.

“There was a big change [at Avid] to really ensure that we got back to product reliability,” he said. “The new product family has had a good beta test cycle. It's been going on for a few months which is longer than we've had in the past. We're very confident that when it does ship it is going to be a reliable product.”

Nitris DX uses a PCI Express bus to deliver data transfer faster than firewire and has a new Nvidia QuadroFX 3700 graphics card.

The Envy deal was secured at NAB. The new Nitris DX boxes will be shipped in mid-June.