Mass production of the award-winning Flash XDR portable recorder will begin this month following a US launch at NAB.

Available in the UK through Polecam, the Flash Xstream Data Recorder (XDR) is a compact electronic recorder requiring no tape or disc drive mechanism.

It captures straight to CompactFlash, measures 178mm x 127 x 44 and weighs 500 grammes.

Files can be transferred directly to PC for editing. It won two magazine awards at NAB for best product in show.

"This is exactly the technology we need to advance our own product range into HD," comments Steffan Hewitt, inventor of the Polecam system and now a dealer for the XDR.

"The combination of decreasing cost-per-gigabyte and increasing storage capacity has made solid-state media the ideal format for HD video acquisition. Flash XDR is comparable in size with the average broadcast camera battery and can be used with the latest generation of miniature HD camera heads or fed from the video output of an HD camcorder.”

The recorder captures 50 Mbit/s MPEG 4:2:2 1920 x 1080 pixel HD video direct to MXF file format complete with embedded or external audio and timecode.

Flash XDR stores up to 164 minutes of HD on four hot-swappable 16 Gbyte CompactFlash cards.

32 Gbyte cards are now available for under£100 with 48 and 64 Gbyte cards expected soon.

According to the maker of the Flash XDR, Convergent Design, volume production will start this month (May).

It will cost around£2500.