The former joint managing directors of Lime, Nick Wortman and James Niklasson, have found themselves new jobs at Molinare and Smoke and Mirrors respectively.

Wortman has taken on the role of new business manager at Molinare. It is Wortman's second spell at the Soho facility.

Molinare joint managing director Mark Foligno said of the appointment: “Nick has great contacts in broadcast documentaries as well as short-form broadcast work. We are confident he'll open up new avenues.”

Meanwhile, Niklasson has gone to Smoke & Mirrors to become a CGI producer.

He said: “The company is looking to significantly expand its CGI offering in commercials and broadcast. Smoke & Mirrors has never had a CGI producer before. I will grow into the role.”

Smoke and Mirrors is about to under-go a£5m expansion that will see the boutique facility more than double in size.

Wortman and Niklasson left Lime in April.