The promoter of music acts including U2 and Billy Bragg is lobbying the BBC to revive Top of the Pops in Neighbours' old time slot.

Dylan White has suggested that the BBC brings back the TOTP brand in a way that would target young readers of the magazine and listeners to the top 40.

“It would heavily feature the likes of High School Musical, Rihanna, Sugababes, Katy Perry and, yes, some X Factor stars," he told industry magazine Music Week.

White suggested that the BBC1 consider a weeknight 5.30pm slot between Newsround and The Six O'Clock News, currently home to The Weakest Link.

BBC Vision director Jana Bennett admitted there was an audience for the show and that the BBC was looking at options for its music coverage in general, but said the suggested timeslot was inappropriate.

Culture secretary Andy Burnham - a devoted fan of White's client Billy Bragg - has also used several public platforms to spell out his desire for the return of TOTP. “Where are the new music shows in primetime?” he asked the Oxford Media Convention last week.

The BBC axed TOTP in 2006 but has aired Christmas specials for the past two years. The brand lives on in the TOTP magazine and website, and on BBC2's nostalgia show TOTP2.