Hire outfit Gearbox has bought one unit of JVC’s new 2D to 3D image converter after noting increased demand among its client-base for tools that aid stereoscopic production.

The JVC IF-2D3D1 Image processor offers real time 2D to 3D conversion to repurposed archive content and also acts as a monitor for 3D footage on location.

The converter was recently used during the England vs Wales game for its 3D broadcast. The long zoom cameras used at the event were unable to capture 3D footage so the 2D footage captured needed to be converted.

Phi Baxter, chief executive of Gearbox parent company the CVP group said that the converter will act as a good “stepping stone” product on productions where it wasn’t always possible to capture stereoscopic images.

The converter retails at £25,000.

JVC is at BVE stand F28