Undercover Girlfriends - Girlfriends dressed as hens

Undercover Girlfriends, C5

Hiding our contestants’ partners in a next-door villa was no easy feat, says Colin May

Campfire - Photo by Matas Astrauskas

Killer Camp, ITV2

Enfusing comedy into our reality horror whodunnit in a wet forest in Lithuania was an unforgettable experience, says James Donkin

Hairy Bikers Route 66 BTS (1)

Hairy Bikers Route 66, BBC2

As the Hairy Bikers rode the iconic highway, we wanted to film unexpected moments rather than an endless stream of diners, says producer Dick Sharman

Blindboy Undestroys The World 2

Funny factual can educate by stealth

Humour can be the most potent weapon in confronting unpalatable truths, says Emily Hudd