The administrator appointed to run Studio Audio and Video Limited, the maker of the Sadie digital audio workstation, is confident that he will find someone to buy the assets of the company.

The Cambridgeshire-based manufacturer has been under the control of accountancy firm Ensors since 15 February.

The workforce was laid off but a rescue operation let former staff carry out business on a limited basis in order to fulfil customer orders.

Administrator Steven Law told Broadcast: “We've had some fairly extensive interest and met with a number of parties. We've received good offers and we are confident we can sell the business.”

Law said the situation was “promising”. He revealed he was hopeful that an agreement could be reached by the end of March when a creditors' meeting is due to take place. If a deal is agreed, the business and its assets will be sold and the creditors paid.

“Our hope is that we can salvage some of the business for the benefit of our loyal customers,” said managing director Joe Bull. “This has been a particularly difficult time for everyone.”

PC-based Sadie craft editors are used by, among others, BBC radio and music.

Studio Audio and Video Limited was established in 1991.