Pinewood’s proposed development of standing sets and 1,500 homes has been scuppered by the secretary of state for communities and local government.

In a statement released today, Pinewood Shepperton said it was “disappointed” by the refusal of planning permission for ‘Project Pinewood’.

In August last year it was revealed that the cost of the proposed development of sets and homes - including the cost of responding to recent planning appeals by local residents - stood at £7.6m.

Pinewood today said investment in land and costs incurred for the planning application “are not material to the long term prospects of the company”, adding that it planned to “review the decision in detail”.

Broadcast understands that the only way Pinewood can appeal against the decision is on a point of law.

The plan to develop its existing site dates back to 2007, when the facilities group announced it wanted to create the UK’s “live-work” TV community.

It was met with stern opposition from residents and South Buckinghamshire District Council, which rejected the initial plans.

At a public enquiry Pinewood stressed that its expansion proposals would benefit producers and the environment by reducing the carbon footprint of film and TV productions.

The facilities group said it would “continue to implement its master planning consents at Pinewood and Shepperton studios and pursue its international strategy of developing studios overseas”.