The fifth series of ITV’s Downton Abbey ended on 9 November with 10.4 million/38% after 1.9 million recorded and watched.

Downton Abbey


The dust sheets have been dragged over the furniture, the windows shuttered and the service bells silenced as Downton is closed for the season. After eight weeks of wrongful imprisonment (again), a growing brood of single-parent children, radical hairdos, a host of misunderstandings, Russian para- mours and a dead dog, it is - until the Christmas special anyway - all quiet in interwar Yorkshire. Elsewhere, Doctor Who also bid farewell until Christmas, while those Channel 4 telly watchers gained even more fans.

ITV: Downton Abbey
The fifth series of ITV’s Downton Abbey ended on 9 November with 10.4 million/38% after 1.9 million recorded and watched. Over theeight episodes, the series averaged 10.4 million/37%, down from 11.8 million/40% in 2013 and 11.9 million/39% in 2012. The best of 2014’s series was 10.8 million/37% for the penultimate episode on 2 November. The best in 2013 was the final episode’s 12.2 million/ 41%, which was 1.7 million more than the 2014 denouement. It remains a big, powerful drama, but suffers by its own comparison.

BBC1: Doctor Who
Peter Capaldi’s first run as Doctor Who ended its 12-part series on BBC1 on 8 November at 8pm with a consolidated rating of 7.6 million/ 29% after more than 2.2 million recorded and watched. The final was the series’ second best after the launch episode’s 9.2 million/38%.

The series achieved 500,000/ 44% of boys aged 4-15 and 1.7 million/34% of 16-34 adults. The previous eight-part run in the spring of 2013 averaged 7.2 million/ 31% for individuals, 600,000/41% for boys aged 4-15 and 1.6 million/36% for 16-34 adults.

Channel 4: Gogglebox
On Friday 7 November at 9pm, C4’s Gogglebox achieved a live rating of 3.5 million/16%. After 1.2 million recorded and watched, it finished on a record 4.7 million/18%, beating 24 October’s 4.6 million/ 18%. So far after six episodes it is averaging 4.3 million/17% and 1.3 million/28% for adults aged 16-34.

Channel 5: Gotham
C4: Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Sky 1: The Flash; Arrow

In comic book hero corner, the fourth episode of C5’s Gotham achieved 2.8 million/10% on 3 November at 9pm, its weakest so far. C4’s Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. rose to 1.8 million/7% on Friday 7 November at 8pm, 113,000 more than last week.

The second episode of Sky 1’s The Flash achieved 1.5 million/6% on 4 November at 8pm, 60,000 short of last week’s launch, while on Thursday 6 November at 8pm, the same channel’s Arrow consolidated to 915,000/3.6%; 130,000 fewer than last week’s series three opener.