Comedy Forum: Hat Trick is in talks with the BBC about extending the Have I Got News For You brand into a UK equivalent of US satirical website The Onion.

The indie is also developing an interactive web version of Room 101, despite BBC2 axing the show two years ago.

Speaking at the Broadcast TV Comedy Forum, Hat Trick managing director Jimmy Mulville said he was talking to BBC Vision multiplatform entertainment commissioning executive Martin Trickey about building “a credible standalone offer” for Have I Got News For You on the web throughout the year.

The show currently runs for two series per year and Mulville is keen to use the format to comment on the news when it is off-air.

He likened it to the US spoof news website The Onion, which has eclipsed its newspaper origins to become a fully-fledged online video news channel. Digital rights distributor has just signed a one-year deal to distribute The Onion's video content via websites in the UK, Europe and Asia.

Hat Trick's move is an extension of Have I Got News For You's webisodes, which feature material not used in the broadcast show. Its website also includes clips of classic moments including an edition featuring mayoral candidates Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson.

For Room 101, Hat Trick wants to build a community of users who would make their case for everything they would consign to their own personal hell.