5 News editor Cait FitzSimons and media commentator Ben Fenton assess the landscape as GB News and News UK prep launches

Fenton and Fitzsimons

The broadcasting world is alive with the buzz of two news channels launching in the coming months and who better to assess the state of play than ITN’s 5 News editor Cait FitzSimons and media consultant and commentator Ben Fenton.

The pair talk to John Elmes as GB News and News UK prepare to launch channels, discussing how the duo will fit in the wider landscape and mulling over the challenges of running a newsroom in our pandemic-riddled, social media-infested world. 

All that, plus some intriguing ‘What We’ve Been Watchin’’ choices, on this week’s Broadcast Newswrap. 

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Music: The Vendetta by Steffan Kartenberg. Licensed by Creative Commons