Despite The X Factor’s elongated Honey trap, the Saturday live shows have come under more pressure from BBC1’s new hit Michael McIntyre’s Big Show (6.8 million/28%) opposite.

Honey G

Some solace for ITV will lie in the rise in share among those advertiser-friendly yoofs.

ITV: The X Factor

ITV’s The X Factor (8pm, Saturday 19 November) achieved 7.1 million/ 29% after 782,000 recorded and watched. After seven weeks, the Saturday live shows are averaging 7.1 million/30% individuals and 1.8 million/46% 16-34s. Due to the Rugby World Cup, 2015’s live shows began later, on 31 October, and ran for seven weeks to include the fi nal Saturday (7 million/29%). They averaged 7.6 million/31% individuals and 1.8 million/41% 16-34s.

This year’s Sunday 20 November results show consolidated to 6.7 million/23% at 8pm after 318,000 recorded and watched. So far, the Sunday show is averaging 7.1 million/26% individuals and 1.7 million/37% 16-34s. Including the fi nal, Sunday 2015’s run averaged 7.6 million/29% and 1.9 million/42% 16-34s.

Channel 4: Humans

The fourth episode of C4’s Humans (9pm, Sunday 20 November) consolidated to 1.9 million/7% after 859,000 recorded and watched, a dip on the previous week’s 2.1 million/7%. So far, this series is averaging 2.5 million/9% and 738,000/16% 16-34s. Series one launched in June 2015 and after four episodes was averaging 5 million/19% and 1.3 million/26% 16-34s. Over eight weeks, it averaged 4.7 million/ 18%, including 1.2 million/ 26% 16-34s.

BBC1: My Mother And Other Strangers

The second episode of BBC1 drama My Mother And Other Strangers (9pm, Sunday 20 November) drew 4.8 million/17% after 612,000 recorded and watched, including 2.7 million/20% ABC1 adults. On 13 November, the opening episode consolidated to 6 million/20% after 731,000 watched via PVR, and 3.6 million/26% ABC1 adults.

Fox: The Walking Dead

The fourth episode of the seventh series of Fox’s US drama hit The Walking Dead (9pm, Monday 14 November) achieved 1.7 million/ 6% after 870,000 recorded and watched. After fi ve episodes, including Monday 21 November’s 1.5 million/5%, this series is averaging 1.6 million/6%, with 700,000/13% 16-34s. After fi ve episodes, the sixth series was averaging 1.7 million/7% and 745,000/ 6% 16-34s. The record – both for the show and for Fox UK – remains 2 million/17% on 29 February 2016.