A selection of the stereoscopic 3D production and post-production tools on show at IBC 2009 including those from JVC, Avid, P+S Technik, IDC, Element Technica and Doremi.

Kean 3D dolly 4

  • JVC showed a prototype converter that can convert live HD broadcasts to 3D. The DM-TD10 contains a proprietary algorithm that calculates a 3D image from focus, colour depth and moving image information in the HD signal.
  • P+S Technik introduced three new 3D rigs; a larger 3D rig designed for use with wide-angle lenses, a new side-by-side 3D rig for panoramic and aerial shoots and a lightweight version for use on a stabilising system.
  • Avid unveiled improvements to Media Composer 4.0 including improvements to its stereoscopic editing capabilities that enable users to view 3D material side by side in addition to over/under. This will ensure greater accuracy of editing decisions and a wider choice of cost-effective monitors for stereoscopic viewing.
  • IDC showed a Pro Cinema 3D Live Camera Pack. Built on Sensio 3D technology, it allows a camera operator to view in fully encoded 3D images exactly what is being captured during a shoot.
  • Doremi displayed the V1, a video disk recorder capable of recording 3D files simultaneously or as separate left and right eye streams. It also showed the GHX-3D Encoder/Decoder, a bridging device that enables 2D equipment to work with 3D content by encoding and decoding all the common 3D HD formats.
  • Element Technica debuted new 3D camera kit that weighs and costs less than standard 3D rigs. They are configurable into both beam splitter and parallel camera platforms and are scaled to fit a range of camera sizes.

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