Inside track on some of the new developments and innovations displayed at IBC from Omnibus, Miranda, Playbox, Barco, On-Air and Omneon.
  • OmniBus Systems has announced support for 1080p24 playout on its iTX, automation and playout system for broadcast, IPTV and mobile TV. iTXwhich also provides tools for production, has the ability to integrate with third party systems and an open IT-based architecture. It is designed to significantly reduce the investment required to launch and operate high-quality channels.

  • Miranda Technologies has partnered with Pebble Beach Systems to produce an automated, multi-channel playout system that features rich graphics and a transition path to IT-based operations. The system is based on a tight integration between Pebble Beach's Neptune automation and Anchor media management, and Miranda's Xchannel playout server. Miranda's Xchannel reduces capital costs by combining a video server, master control switcher and a branding processor into one device.

  • PlayBox Technology has added graphics capabilities and SD to HD upgrade paths to its HD automation and playout products. Included in the new HD line-up is a multi-format HDMixer and a new version of the AirBox playout server that supports multiple compression types within a playlist as well as up-converting multiple resolutions to HD. It also has a new streaming server, HDStreamer, which eliminates the cost of codec cycles and offers high quality live MPEG-2 streaming HD output.

  • Barco introduced a new Multi-Viewer featuring 16 3Gbps inputs that can be shown simultaneously as a single mosaic on its high-resolution screen. Described as an ideal answer to broadcast monitoring where space is at a premium - such as small OB trucks, editing suites, master control rooms or digital play-out installations - the compact SMV-116 unit is claimed to deliver the full feature set of other Barco monitors. These include SDI, HD-SDI, and DVI-I video inputs up to 1080p.

  • Omneon displayed its MediaPort 5320 and 5220 Series for Omneon Spectrum and MediaDeck Servers. The Omneon MediaPort 5320 series offers up to four channels of HD/SD record and play in a compact 1RU package. Fully compatible with existing Spectrum media server systems, these MediaPorts make all channels available for either record or play in any combination. MPEG-2 codec technology enables the units to be deployed flexibly in HD and SD ingest applications, playout servers or hybrids, with the ability to reconfigure quickly when required.

  • ON-AIR Systems launched the new version of its playKast 4.13 at IBC. It includes new features such as event refresh and comprehensive log analysis, without needing third-party tools. Other features include a plug-in for music clip subtitling and timed metadata display. At the show, ON-AIR Systems also challenged any delegate or exhibitor to find any other single channel in a box playout system to beat its playKast. The results will be announced shortly after the show.

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