Film processing and post-production facility Ilab has invested£3.5m to double the size of its facility.

The investment includes a Spirit Telecine for rushes transfers, high-end ultrasonic cleaners and darkroom facilities, all of which will complement the Soho-based company’s existing dual gauge 35/16mm Photomec Silver Sprinter Negative Processor and two Lipsner Smith CF900 ultrasonic cleaners.

The facility was set up a year ago and chief executive Vaughn Mullady said: “We have capitalised on the still significant niche in film. We can convert it into any tape or digital format required.”

He added that significant profits could be made from creating digital libraries from film-based footage. Archived digital libraries give content owners the opportunity to make money from repurposed material.

He said: “The equipment is expensive but the processors will last for 25 years. We only need in-vest in software going forward.”