Image makers Digital is planning to spend more than£300,000 on Avid kit.
Image makers Digital is planning to spend more than £300,000 on Avid kit.

The investment is in three Avid Adrenalines, an Avid Nitris, a Softimage XSI graphics suite, a second Pro-Tools suite and a Unity system with 2.5 terrabytes of storage.

Company director Dave Austin dismissed recent industry claims that the Soho post house was in financial difficulties. "Last year was actually a record year. We turned over more than we have in 14 years," he said.

He added that the company had been "sitting on some old kit. We decided we could either go to sleep or we could make it fly. We also wanted to broaden our client base and grow out of our building."

Austin also confirmed that he is winding up the company's offline offering, saying: "That work has more or less gone now."

Image Makers was one of the first companies to test and buy a Quantel IQ editing system and it was thought the company would stick with that set-up. However Austin revealed that Image Makers is "returning to a largely Avid-based technology. The fate of the Quantel kit is yet to be decided."