Visual effects company Jellyfish Pictures has spent more than£50,000 on Isilon clustered storage technology.

The Isilon IQ 6000 will provide the company with capacity for both tier-one storage for critical data and tier-two storage for near-line archiving, disk-to-disk backup and disaster recovery.

Director Philip Dobree said: “It allows us to have the confidence to grow and know that whatever we throw at our storage and network it will be able to cope. The way the Isilon system is configured means that as we grow the more robust and responsive our network becomes.

“Looking to the future this provides ourselves and our clients with the knowledge that we have the very best solution out there that won't fail in mission critical situations”.

Jellyfish Pictures, founded by Dobree and William Rockall in 2001, is an award-winning VFX and CGI company based in Soho in London.

It won a Bafta craft award in 2008 for Best Visual Effects for the BBC's Fight for Life (pictured).