“It’s a fun premise and has lots of potential, but isn’t laugh out loud – yet.”


Loaded, Channel 4

“Jon Brown’s new series certainly has pace, zipping along like a Ferrari in fourth gear. Younger generations should love it; I suspect it’ll be lost on the older ones.”
James Jackson, The Times

“While the antics of the first episode are laddish the lines are as smart as you’d expect from writer Jon Brown. By episode two (showing next week) I was jumping into their world like a toddler into a ball pool. It’s going to be fun.”
Julia Raeside, The Guardian

“It’s a fun premise and has lots of potential, but isn’t laugh out loud – yet. Loaded is promising and it could yet warm up to be another Fresh Meat. I’m not sure, though, that the characters are as lovable, or as well-observed.”
Daisy Wyatt, The i

“It’s hard to warm to joyless control freaks who stalk their ex-girlfriends, let alone cocky spendthrifts who go clubbing in Viking helmets. Loaded had promise and fizz. But it needs the confidence to calm down.”

Michael Hogan, The Telegraph

“We’re supposed to care about the four freshly minted moguls, who have no clue how to spend their loot. They are idiots who deserve to lose the lot. How that happens is irrelevant. There doesn’t seem much point in watching.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

“Undercutting the japes (and this is one of those sitcoms that does, actually, make you laugh) is the sober point that three hundred million quid for a game called Cat Factory is an absurdity, and the whole world knows it, including the lads.”
Matt Baylis, Daily Express

Mind the Age Gap, Channel 5

“There’s a nasty inevitability about what happens when you take a retired police inspector and a young black ex-shoplifter, tank them up on plonk and get them talking about race. This isn’t a social experiment, it’s just spite and voyeurism.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

“Mind the Age Gap ostensibly aims to build bridges, but so far is more likely to wind up Twitter into fits of gleeful outrage at the fogies. Dispiritingly, it’s quite possibly as close to state-of-the-nation TV as we’ll get.”
James Jackson, The Times

Panorama: What Facebook Knows About You (And What it Does With Your Information, BBC1

“This intriguing investigation describes Facebook less as a handy communication tool and more like Scientology but leaves me with the uneasy feeling that the iceberg is down there and bigger than any of us know. Start panicking now.”
Julia Raeside, The Guardian