Ricochet is making a male spin-off of Supernanny for US network ABC.

The network will air a pilot episode of the format, Supermanny, in the established show's Friday night slot this autumn.

The new show will adopt a similar format to the original programme, with Chicago child therapist Mike Ruggles taking on the male version of the role made famous in both the UK and the US by British nanny Jo Frost.

Ruggles' approach encourages parents to learn how to play with their kids and get to know them.

"It feels different to have a guy come in to work with your kids," said executive producer Nick Emmerson. "A woman has a woman's touch, and people are more accepting and ready for her advice. We had to find the right person who has real authority and a gentle touch as well."

The US version of Supernanny debuted in 2005 and is about to enter its fifth series.

The format has also been remade in countries such as Germany, France, Brazil, Poland and China.