ITV has added a Medway file interchange system to the workflow for its new BT-managed Content Store.

The Marquis Broadcast technology will be integrated with the Avid Isis editing and post-production operation at The London Studios (TLS), ITV's central London production base.

It will enable the exchange of media and metadata between the Content Store and craft editing suites. It will initially be used for compliance editing.

Content Store is a central storage and processing service that is provided and managed by BT. It holds large volumes of file-based ITV content. ITV producers will use it to browse and select media for use in post-production, moving it into their Avid systems to produce alternative versions.

Medway handles the metadata attached to the media. This passes through the Avid environment where editors are prompted to provide additional details from within the Avid interface. Finished sequences are moved back into Content Store along with the new and updated metadata.

Paul Drewett, project manager for the TLS installation, said: “Medway allows a simple and intuitive drag and drop process to trigger media moves, and manages the seamless integration into the Avid ISIS environment. This is far from being easy to achieve. We get the benefit of file-based interoperation, with all the hard work usually associated with file movements being carried out as background tasks.”

The ITV/BT Content Store is still in the testing phase. No date has been given for it to go live.

Meanwhile, Medway has been certified for use with Isilon IQ clustered storage systems. This will allow users to move files between third-party asset management, browse, archive and editing systems and the Isilon system with all video and audio content formatted and wrapped appropriately.