OBs looking for a particular design rather than a truck stuffed with “best of breed” technology often look to Megahertz - a company with a reputation for meeting customers' specific requirements.

Managing director Greg Hoskin declares: “Those looking for standardised trucks are more likely to go to Sony or Thomson for their SI. Their trucks will benefit from a familiar design that has been honed over the years.”

But Megahertz's OB3, made for SIS LIVE, a 20-camera HD unit boasting MVS 8000G vision mixing, was designed with aesthetic considerations uppermost.

Covering the Proms
OB3 took nine months to build and was ready in time for its first job - covering the 2008 Proms in the Park. Hoskin explains: “SIS was looking to differentiate itself with the look of the truck. Its commercial proposition is similar to that of the post industry in Soho, in that it wants to offer a comfortable working environment.”

Getting the look right
“As the number of HD trucks in the market increases, companies will have to be more competitive, and I believe they are likely to focus increasingly on the look and feel of OBs.”

The traditional metal floor and walls have been covered and the desktops are surfaced with tough and durable Corain. OB3 also has internal lighting, windows and glass doors - making it feel lighter and more spacious. The truck has wheelchair access and air conditioning designed for staff, rather than to keep the equipment cool.

It also benefits from the Evertz' EQX routing system, which uses the latest 3G technology, and auto-configuration which allows the data path to be instantly reconfigured to suit the requirements of operators. The system de-embeds audio from the video input and re-embeds it on output, which means a dramatic reduction in

Like much new technology, it's taking time to bed in but it will receive software updates soon. Other companies such as Axon in collaboration with N-Vision are looking to bring out similar solutions early next year.”

SIS also opted for Apple monitors configured with multi-viewer technology. Bell says: “The price was a key consideration here, but there is also more flexibility in the configuration than normal.”

In addition to the Sony MVS8000G vision mixer, OB3 also has 5.1 Calrec audio mixing and Reidel talkback communication, and three production desks with 16 23-inch displays on the largest desk and two 26-inch monitors on each. The vehicle is 14.6 metres long and 5.4 metres wide when expanded.