Mill Film is to centralise its digital operations, currently split between central London and Shepperton Studios, into expanded premises in Soho, writes Barbara Marshall
The move affects 12 of the 25 staff based at Shepperton. All but one have decided to make the move, bringing the total number of Mill Film digital artists based at the Great Marlborough Street premises to over 100.

From July, the Shepperton site will focus on physical production, including special effects photography, miniatures construction and motion control, as well as providing a production base for Mill Film producers.

Mill Film merged with Shepperton-based Magic Camera Company two years ago (Broadcast, 7.1.00) and since then has maintained two digital facilities.

Mill Film chief executive Robin Shenfield said: 'Demand is growing for complex CG-led effects like character animation and these can be best accomplished within the facility in Soho.'