Technology editor Will Strauss picks the ten products and technologies not to miss at NAB this year.

For The Camera Operator

Type-S Jib- A tripod-mounted compact jib arm that allows the operator to boom the camera from ground level to maximum height and pan the arm 360 degrees.

The HD Scope- The first borescope/snorkel lens system with a 2/3-inch B4 mount. Designed for use with high-end HD cameras such as Sony's F23 or the Panasonic's VariCam, it is able to carry out 360-degree image rotation/panning.

For the visual effects artist

Imagineer Mogul- a high-end collaborative architecture integrating visual effects systems and desktop applications. The open platform connects all the tools in a facility including those from other manufacturers.

Gridiron Software Flow- a digital content management product for editors and artists using Final Cut, After Effects or Photoshop. It automatically records actions (cut, paste, delete etc) made on a project and then graphically displays them so that they can be viewed and then revisited, studied, modified, updated or rescued.

For the news broadcaster

Creatacna 3G mobile studio- a software application that allows live broadcasting using any 3G mobile phone. News reporters with 3G cameras make a video call that is received by a server in the broadcast base, which then pumps out a live SD feed that can be scaled up or used as a cut out.

Ikegami GFcam- A new tapeless acquisition system from Ikegami based on flash memory cartridges capable of recording more than two hours of HD video. The camcorder is a three-CCD model providing 1080i/720p HDTV format support and multiple recording modes.

For the studio engineer

TV One C2-7310- A multiformat, dual channel HD video and audio processor. Feed into it SDI, component, composite, DVI, VGA, PAL, NTSC and it will spit out a signal in whatever format you need. It does HD and audio as well.

Crystal Vision Playback- An HD Playback card designed for sport production. It records until something of interest happens at which point an operator presses stop and can instantly replay the last 25 seconds. Cheaper than a hard drive alternative meaning that broadcasters can afford to put one on every camera.

For the DoP/post producer

Emotions Engines DigiCrank- Based on motion estimation, DigiCrank software allows content shot by digital cameras at normal speed to be re-cranked for slow motion while still maintaining maximum resolution and colour depth.

Apical D-Rex LCP-100- A box that enables electronic devices to “see like the human eye”. It detects and enhances shadow regions in a video or still image, while controlling highlights in other parts of the image and maintaining the original colour.