Double Bafta-nominated Julie Anne Robinson on Netflix’s groundbreaking period drama 

Julie Anne Bridgerton crop

Julie Anne Robinson with the cast of Bridgerton

Not much has taken the world by storm in 2021, but Netflix smash hit Bridgerton is in this small group.

Having been watched by almost 100m households worldwide, director Julie Anne Robinson joins Newswrap this week to discuss working with the incredible Shonda Rhimes, moving stateside and the show’s groundbreaking approach to diverse and inclusive casting. The Brits could learn a thing or two!

Julie Anne is also on hand to give us the lowdown on her Sky Studios-backed UK indie Longboat Pictures, which she recently launched with former ITV drama commissioner Victoria Fea.

All that, plus ‘What Julie’s Been Watchin’’, on this week’s Broadcast Newswrap

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