Senior reporter Max Goldbart and international editor John Elmes discuss TV’s return to work and events in the US

On this week’s Broadcast Newswrap podcast, senior reporter Max Goldbart is joined by international editor John Elmes to analyse a busy week in which TV was given the greenlight to head back to work. 

Boris Johnson told the country to “go to work if you can’t work from home” and we take an early look into how this demand is manifesting itself in the TV world, with the likes of EastEnders and Top Gear soon to resume production and the industry readying health and safety protocols while grappling with insurance woes. 

Meanwhile, John gives us a sneak peek into his forthcoming report on the LA Screenings, and we consider the medium-to-long-term impacts of Covid-19 across the pond. 

All that, plus ’what we’ve been watchin’, on this week’s Broadcast Newswrap, which you can subscribe to over here on Spotify and here on iTunes

Music: The Vendetta by Steffan Kartenberg. Licensed by Creative Commons