The producer/director of Pedigree Dogs Exposed has hailed the BBC's decision to drop coverage of Crufts as a victory for public service broadcasting - and is planning a sequel to the film.

Jemima Harrison, who runs Passionate Productions with her partner Jon Lane, spent two years making the film, which has been shortlisted for best documentary programme at the Broadcast Awards 2009.

She described the corporation's decision as a “vindication of all the claims in the film”.

“It wasn't a forgone conclusion by any means, and it's a testament to public service broadcasting that the same broadcaster that televised Crufts also commissioned the film,” she said. “It's extremely satisfying that we've won the day in the face of strong lobbying from the Kennel Club.”

Harrison said she hoped the BBC would one day be able to broadcast a “reborn” Crufts in which dogs were “celebrated for being beautiful and healthy”.

Plans for a sequel are at an early stage, but BBC4 controller Richard Klein, who commissioned the original film, is keen for Harrison to come up with details of what would be included in a second film.

The original Pedigree Dogs Exposed was executive produced by the BBC's Eamon Hardy.