The beta version of the automation platform will be released on Thursday this week (1 February)

Multicam Stacks

The beta version of Strada, the AI-enabled automation platform, is being launched on Thursday (1 February).

The launch will be live streamed on YouTube at 5pm GMT.

Strada has been created by Hollywood tech veterans, Michael and Peter Cioni. They have created the service using their understanding of the post-production landscape from creative, technological, and business perspectives, to address common workflow challenges for creatives.


Strada is a cloud-based platform that automates “tedious” manual tasks, simplifies workflows, and reduces delivery times. Editors can design workflows to suit their own post-production needs. Features of Strada include multi-cloud syncing, multicam playback, automatic transcription and translation, transcoding, and AI tagging and analysis.


Michael Cioni, CEO and co-founder of Strada, said: “I have been working in production and post my entire professional career; I know if I’m experiencing problems while making content, there are millions of others who are continually frustrated while dealing with the shortcomings of the tool sets available to us. With recent advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, I believe there are new ways to leverage the cloud to automate and remove workflow hurdles. Strada is the first AI-powered platform designed for the creative community.”

What Strada offers:

Transfer: Strada is compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive,, and Lightroom, allowing users to see their media within a single GUI, as well as transfer between destinations. More integrations to come.

Transcribe: Automatically create searchable captions in more than 100 languages.

Tanalyze: Automatically tag objects, people, locations, and emotions for advanced search.

Transcode: Export metadata-rich files for editing and distribution.

 You can register to attend the virtual launch event for Strada at