Pair had already been working together on generative AI tools for Maya

Wonder Studio Split Screen

Autodesk has acquired Wonder Dynamics, the maker of AI-powered cloud-based 3D animation and VFX solution Wonder Studio.

The pair had already been working together on integrating generative AI tools into Maya, particularly around animating, lighting, and composing 3D characters within live-action scenes. Wonder Studio claims to automate 80%-90% of “objective” VFX work in these areas and leaves the artist with the remaining “subjective” work.

Autodesk explains the acquisition as part of its strategy to connect production and post-production through its Flow cloud platform - which was announced last year.

“Bringing Wonder Dynamics into the Autodesk Media & Entertainment portfolio extends our history of empowering artists with innovative and accessible solutions that break down barriers to entry,” said Diana Colella, executive vice president of media & entertainment at Autodesk. “In the 1990s, we helped artists learn how to use computers to create 3D graphics leading to the industry we see today, and Wonder Dynamics is our next step on that journey. By embracing emerging technology, we want to help teams and creators of all sizes and skill levels create more content, more easily, so everyone has the power to bring their inspiring stories to life.”

“Today marks a major moment in Wonder Dynamics’ journey as we join forces with Autodesk,” said Nikola Todorovic, co-founder and CEO of Wonder Dynamics. “The current misconception is that AI is a one-click solution, and that’s why we are excited to join a company that, at its core, supports the iterative nature of 3D and storytelling. We put a lot of effort into building an AI tool that does not replace artists, but rather speeds up creative workflows, makes things more efficient, and helps productions save costs. We firmly believe that our alignment with Autodesk will only amplify that vision and further push the boundaries of ethical AI and emerging technology in Media & Entertainment.”