Prime Focus has become the first UK post house to install Trinnov’s MC Processor, a loudspeaker system that tailors the acoustics of a mixing room to imitate a range of environments.

Prime Focus head of audio Ben Hooper (pictured, left) said it had helped the Soho post house to use one audio room for a range of mixes, with the facility creating different presets for TV, DVD and cinema audio work.

“It won’t turn a bathroom into a mixing suite, but it can make a good room sound amazing,” Hooper told Broadcast.

“If we are working on a feature for cinema that needs a Dolby licence, we can mix with the confidence that the balance and tonality will be reproduced in a cinema-sized room [for the final mix].

“If the mix is for 5.1 transmissions in the home, we can adjust the acoustics of our suite to cater for that.”

Hooper said the processor improved the phase relationship of a suite’s speakers and that it was “light years” ahead of the benefits that can be gained by tweaking the frequency response of a room.

The MC’s audio is processed at 24 bit and can operate from 44.1 to 192 kHz. The maximum audio I/O configuration is 24 at 48 KHz with the MADI MC configuration.

Emerging is Trinnov’s UK distributor, and managing director Paul Mortimer said the system lets facility owners make changes to their audio suites without the fear of incurring the high bills associated with acoustic engineering.