Procam is to launch a projects division led by the senior management team that previously ran rival hire firm HotCam.

Branded Procam Projects, the new division, will service music, entertainment, reality and live shows that require multi-camera, fixed-rig, robotic and mini-cam facilities, as well as car rigs and portable units.

Ex-HotCam managing director Vicky Holden and technical director Dan Studley - a former Broadcast Hot Shot - joined Procam this week as projects managing director and group technical director respectively.

Adriano Martelli has been promoted to senior project manager and will work with Studley and Holden. The team is likely to be bolstered in the coming weeks.

Procam Group chief executive John Brennan said: “The creation of the new division is indicative of Procam’s on-going commitment to meet the demands of highly ambitious programme makers.”

Procam said that £1.2m would be made available to support the projects team that is seeking to upgrade its portable production units to 4K and invest in fi bre technology.

While at HotCam, Studley and Holden worked on the ITV shows The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent (Syco/Thames) and The Only Way Is Essex (Lime Pictures).

Following their departure HotCam owner Trevor Hotz will return to the role of managing director on a temporary basis.

He said: “We have been at the forefront of innovation in multi-camera production for many years. I am disappointed that we have lost two members of staff to a rival but, as far as I am concerned, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”